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The Mentalist

The Mentalist

Suspenseful TV Series. Xander is Sheriff Mcallister. The search is on for Red John...

Popular Hits

Terminator 2

Terminator 2

Lots of action, Xander gets shafted by the terminator! Ouch. Great Movie.

Air Force One

Air Force One

Xander goes all the way as the bad guy, and "goes down with the ship", as they say... at the end.



An amazing futuristic tale, Xander makes the dream come true for a genetically imperfect hero, in this film.

Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy

Bowery Snax is a drug dealer, keeping Sid and Nancy addicted, in this one of a kind movie.

Shanghai Noon

Shangai Noon

A sheriff gone bad, Xander get's plugged through the badge in this great comedy.



Xander is on the dark side again, in the explosive TV Series "Nikita".



TV Super Series. Xander saves the day, and is the hero at last.


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Coming in 2015

Rene - Xander is the title character in this film which was filmed in the Northern woods of Maine. The story follows a young lad of 15 who returns to the dense forest in search of the now famous mountain man who killed his family.

Moments of Clarity - Stev Elam directs Lyndsy Fonseca, Eric Roberts, and a host of others in this original story by Kristen Wallace and Cody Brown. Xander Berkeley plays Artemis. The story revolves around two young girls who escape their homes to attend an annual church youth group jamboree.

Solace - A psychic works with the FBI in order to hunt down a serial killer. Colin Farrell, and Anthony Hopkins (Fractured) are also featured in this production.

Pony - Xander is Uncle Jeff, a rock musician who must re-evaluate his life and learns a bit of this while watching over 5 year old Miko, whose mother must leave town on a business trip.

The Gift - From Gabriel Robertson comes this tale of a young boy who on his eleventh birthday has no idea that the gift he chooses will change the world. Xander Berkeley, Brady Permenter, and Amye Gousset star in this captivating short.

12 Monkeys - Xander’s role is as Jonathan Foster in this futuristic Sci Fi tale, coming soon, in January 2015.

This Last Lonely Place

This Last Lonely Place

A tight and suspenseful film. An LA cab driver has no choice but help an investment banker to cover up a brutal crime. Xander plays Frank Devore in this gripping tale.


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Louder than Words
Previously titled After the Fall, this is a family Drama. After the unexpected death of their daughter, a couple work to build a state of the art children's hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process. Xander is "Dr. Lansen".

Small Time
A used car dealer in Los Angeles tries to convince his son to go to college. Xander is "Chick", in this new drama.


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In Death Came in Like Thunder, a murdered sheep farmer is killed over a deal to sell his land, and Cady Longmire goes to Denver to find answers about her mother's death. Xander Berkeley plays Jeremiah Rains, a man who runs a mail order bride service.

The Booth (Seasons 1 and 2)

on HULU!

Xander Berkeley is "The Man". Watch it on HULU. Click below to visit the HULU Website.


The Gadfly - on the festival circuit

Stev Elam's film "The Gadfly" starring Xander Berkeley, won the PLATINUM REMI AWARD. Here, for the first time, you can view the complete film from start to finish. Just click below.

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The Gadfly by Stev Elam

Girl Walks into A Bar

This movie shines with familiar stars, and great talent. The film brings together a robust cast including Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, Josh Hartnett, Xander Berkeley, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Aaron Tveit, Amber Valletta, Gil Bellows, Kevin Zegers, Alexis Bledel, Michelle Ryan, and Lauren Lee Smith.

Tales of Everyday Magic

- (Episode 2 from the Tales of Everyday Magic Series ) -
Directed by Michael Goorjian in 2011, Entanglement, is a deep and immersive journey into the wonders of the inner universe, quantum physics, and the connections that exist in our world which often are unseen and only felt. It is a strong and commanding film which captures the viewer from the first to the last, and does not let go, as the subject becomes more and more interesting and the story evolves. It is an amazing journey into the everyday life of a scientist, and a student who struggles with personal turmoil, and surprising revelations.

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Entanglement / 2011, Directed by Michael Goorjian