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afamilything amistad1 amistad2 amistad3 amistad4 apollo13 bakerboys1 bakerboys2 barbwire1 barbwire2 barbwire3 barbwire4 barbwire5 barbwire6 barbwire7 barbwire8 barbwire9 elysianfields entanglement fasterclip fortheboys gattaca grifters OFFICE_web DINNER_web ENDSCENE_web heat hrj1 hrj2 humanError nikita GUARDIAN_1 mommiedearest northcountry Phoenix jasonscott idandnancy safe short-time1 short-time2_1 short-time3 short-time4 straighttohell tapeheads timecode VERNE-INTERROGATION VERNE-ESTATE walker

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Some clips may contiain some amount of adult language, violence, or other content that is not suitable for children.

Parental Discretion Advised

Some clips contain multiple scenes from the same film, while others may contain only a single scene. Clips that contain more than one scene are not continuous as would be found in an actual movie, the scenes simply follow each other, usually in the order that they appeared in the film.