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Photos: These photographs reveal Xander, over the years, both on screen and off. His journey has been, and continues to be, informed by his intrinsic fascination with Transformation, Storytelling and Character.

Film: This brand new gallery of image stills from the many films and television series in which Xander has acted, will grow continually as new images are able to be added over time.

Original Paintings: Xander's paintings, like his acting, are portraits. The stories that emerge when studying people. Based predominantly upon drawings from life, in cafe's on locations around the world. He is interested in the different categories of human types. Driven by a fascination with the reflections of the inner world as manifested upon the external. The face and body. There is an expressionistic feel to many of the paintings. They are built up layer upon layer, often excavated back, scraped, sanded, chiseled, to reveal earlier phases. Glimpses of different aspects, the depth and dimension, of the characters are revealed upon closer inspection. As in life, the viewer is rewarded by the attention they give to the details. Subtle emotional states begin to emerge, a sense of time and space and how a person can inhabit them. The mystery of the human condition.

The Russians: (aka; governments run amuck) This series is based on a composite photograph which appeared on the cover of the magazine section of the Sunday NY Times. 17 portraits of 'counter revolutionaries', innocent victims of Joseph Stalin's Purges. Photographed by his secret police immediately prior to taking them out and shooting them. The paintings attempt to honor those whose lives were so abruptly cut short. They demonstrate the moment and the presence that is evoked when confronting one's mortality. They are a testament to the pureness of the human spirit, rising up through the tangled web of conflicted feelings, always moving in currents beneath the surface.