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The Walking Dead

Xander made his entrance into the world of The Walking Dead, in Episode 11, as Gregory...

Xander Berkeley as Gregory

2015 Award Winner - PONY

Pony is still on the festival circuit. So far it has won 26 awards. Preview this new movie by clicking above!

Click the Play Button To Hear "Come Down Rain"
written by Xander Berkeley and Peter Atanasoff,
winner of the IndieFEST Film Awards
Best Original Song

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The Gift is still touring the festival circuit
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2015 in Review...

Allegiant - Sequel and third part in the well known Divergent Trilogy... Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant.

Moments of Clarity - A repressed agoraphobic's daughter meets a hardened pastor's daughter, and while escaping their homes to attend the annual church youth group jamboree they discover their worlds aren't what they once thought they were.

Solace - Opposite Anthony Hopkins, Xander plays a grieving father torn between his wife's beliefs and his desire to aid the investigation of his son's death. 

Zoo - CBS Summer Series. Based on the #1 bestseller by James Patterson, Zoo is a global thriller about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans across the planet.

Pony -Currently on the festival circuit, Pony has already won 26 festival awards: Xander has won 2 awards for Best original song with Peter Atanasoff, and a Best Actor in a leading role from Cape Cod International Film Festival.

12 Monkeys - Xander’s role is as Jonathan Foster in this futuristic Sci Fi tale of time, space, and the whole human race.

This Last Lonely Place

Xander stars in this contemporary noir produced by the Bogart Foundation which has recently been picked up for international and domestic distribution.


Magistrate Hale

Salem Excerpts


Zoo Excerpts

Also recently on TV...

In Death Came in Like Thunder, a murdered sheep farmer is killed over a deal to sell his land, and Cady Longmire goes to Denver to find answers about her mother's death. Xander Berkeley plays Jeremiah Rains, a man who runs a mail order bride service.

The Booth (Seasons 1 and 2)

Watch it on HULU!

Xander stars in this highly acclaimed web series for which he won the Streamy award for best male actor.

The Gadfly

Stev Elam's film "The Gadfly" starring Xander Berkeley, won the PLATINUM REMI AWARD. Here, for the first time, you can view the complete film from start to finish. Just click below.

Tales of Everyday Magic

- (Episode 2 from the Tales of Everyday Magic Series ) -
Directed by Michael Goorjian in 2011, Entanglement, is a deep and immersive journey into the wonders of the inner universe, quantum physics, and the connections that exist in our world which often are unseen and only felt. It is a strong and commanding film which captures the viewer from the first to the last, and does not let go, as the subject becomes more and more interesting and the story evolves. It is an amazing journey into the everyday life of a scientist, and a student who struggles with personal turmoil, and surprising revelations.

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