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Xander won the 'Streamy' award for best male actor on a web series in 2012. This award has become increasingly important recently. Dick Clarke's company oversees the Streamy Awards, which are aired online and watched by a boatload of folks. Xander received Best actor for both the IAWT's (International Web TV) Awards, and from The Streamy Awards for season 2 of The Booth at the End. He also was awarded as being Best Actor, for season 1 of The Booth by LA Web Fest, last year, and was given a Maverick Award for Best Actor for The Gadfly. Xander previously has won the Screen Actors Guild award for best ensemble cast. as a result of his role in the movie Apollo 13. These new awards are an exciting and proud moment and he is greatly honored by this recognition of his acting ability.

The Man

The Booth at the End

The Booth at the End

"The Man" is waiting for those who seek his help. All that is required is to complete a task, and any wish can be granted. The task, however, may be more than some are able to complete... This is an exciting series which entwines the fates of those who seek for more than they might usually expect.

The Man

Watch it now, on hulu.

Recent Picks on DVD

Seeking Justice - 2012

Seeking Justice

Seat Grabber! Nick Cage as a man who is caught up in a high stakes inner circle of death. Xander is Lt. Durgan, who may be a good guy, or is he... just whose side is he on? Seeking Justice is a complex tapestry of dark secrets, and questions of who to trust.

Kick Ass - 2010

Kick Ass!

Lots of action, as teen super-heroes take down not only the crooks, but most of their real estate holdings as well!

Year One - 2009

Year One

Xander is The King of ancient Sodom in this comical takeoff of biblical times.

Taken - 2008


A suspenseful, explosive action film, follows the search for a missing teenage girl.

Surfin' the Net

Girl Walks Into A Bar

The First Major Motion Picture Made Exclusively For The Internet.

Brand New!

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Watch the Entanglement Episode of the "Tales of Everyday Magic " Series by Michael Goorjian.

Click the image above to go there. The entire episode is now available along with every episode from the series.

Farewell Nikita

The Cast and Crew of Nikita Salute Xander Berkeley

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The cast and crew of Nikita bid farewell to Xander in a special tribute reel which they made just for him. It is a warm tribute which means so much to Xander personally, that he can not begin to express his gratitude to everyone. Above is a compilation of excerpts from the farewell video that was shared with Xander at a surprise going away party...

The Booth (Season2)


Season 2 begins... August 6th on HULU!

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The Booth at The End / Season 2 Trailer

The Booth at the End returns. Xander Berkeley is "The Man". Watch it on HULU. Click below to visit the HULU Website.


Xander plays "The Man". Who sits at the back booth of a small diner, orchestrating the fate of those who dare come see him... Click below to view the trailer.

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The Booth at The End / Season 1 Trailer

About "THE MAN"

If you have an impossible problem, a deep desire, or great wish, you can find this man at the booth at the end. And to get what you want, you must complete the task he gives you, while filling him in all along the way. He's a figure of mystery who sits in the back booth of an ordinary diner. He can be playful and curious, especially when it comes to learning about the human condition and what those will do to get what they want. He enjoys taking in the specific details of his clients' tasks and learning what makes them tick. He's not cruel, nor sadistic, just a man who takes it all in... seemingly learning about what it means to be human. If a client completes their task, they undoubtedly will get what they want.

The Gadfly - on the festival circuit

Stev Elam's film "The Gadfly" starring Xander Berkeley, won the PLATINUM REMI AWARD. Here, for the first time, you can view the complete film from start to finish. Just click below.

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The Gadfly by Stev Elam

Seeking Justice

Look over your shoulder and check out this great movie headlining Nick Cage as a man who suddenly found himself obligated to murder and unwillingly finds himself caught in a game of cat and mouse, and who's who...

Most mysteriously he is approached by a man who informs him that the man who assaulted his wife would suffer justice if he would simply agree to an unspecified favor, sometime in the future. Unexpectedly, he agrees, and then is caught in the trap. This is a suspenseful movie and ends in a classic turn of phrase... "The hungry rabbit jumps". Watch out for this one, it is a real seat-gluer with gripping turns at every moment.

Xander is ´╗┐Lieutenant Durgan , who gets to us from both sides of the question of who he is, in this exciting thriller. Never knowing if he is the good guy or the bad guy, this is the perfect role with a sword that cuts both ways, as it becomes a question of who is anyone? Even strangers have purposes we never understand.... who ARE these people????? It's a great movie and a recommended look-see.

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Seeking Justice / 2012

Girl Walks into A Bar

This movie shines with familiar stars, and great talent. The film brings together a robust cast including Carla Gugino, Zachary Quinto, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, Josh Hartnett, Xander Berkeley, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Aaron Tveit, Amber Valletta, Gil Bellows, Kevin Zegers, Alexis Bledel, Michelle Ryan, and Lauren Lee Smith.

Tales of Everyday Magic

- (Episode 2 from the Tales of Everyday Magic Series ) -
Directed by Michael Goorjian in 2011, Entanglement, is a deep and immersive journey into the wonders of the inner universe, quantum physics, and the connections that exist in our world which often are unseen and only felt. It is a strong and commanding film which captures the viewer from the first to the last, and does not let go, as the subject becomes more and more interesting and the story evolves. It is an amazing journey into the everyday life of a scientist, and a student who struggles with personal turmoil, and surprising revelations.

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Entanglement / 2011, Directed by Michael Goorjian

Tales of Everyday Magic Goes Online!

The entire Tales of Everyday Magic series is now available online for download at a very reasonable and low cost per episode!!! Watch them all in the comfort of your favorite chair. Here's the link! Entanglement, starring Xander Berkeley is episode number 2 in the series. You might also enjoy the facebook page for the series or the director's personal website at: